To be eligible for this high school senior scholarship you must:

1. Attend La Vernia High School. Plan to attend college following high school graduation.

2. Submit an original creative writing piece in a format of your choice (examples include:  comic book, poetry, song, screenplay, short story, long story, children’s story, etc.) Your piece can be fiction or non-fiction. 

3. Creative writing piece must be typed. If writing music; you may include a CD with your written piece. If submitting comic book; art work is welcome along with your works.

4. Submit 1 letter of recommendation from a teacher, 1 letter of recommendation from an additional teacher or faculty member, and 1 letter of recommendation from a person other than a LVISD faculty member or family member.

5. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Deadline to apply:

Your typed creative writing piece, transcript, and letters of recommendation must be turned into the La Vernia High School Counselor on or before April 16, 2020.

Students should keep a copy of their creative writing piece.

Please put your name on a COVER SHEET ONLY. Do not put your name on anything else. The Counselor will assign a number for your work.

Your transcript will be turned into our committee with a number on it so that they can judge completely on merit.

Once the committee has chosen the winning entries the counselor will match them up for us.

We will then notify you by mail.


                                 START WRITING AND REMEMBER, 

                                  BE CREATIVE  AND HAVE FUN!