Alexander John-Cade Pugh was a 17 year old amazing soul. He stood for all that was good in life. He cared very deeply about others. Alex was an extraordinary son, brother, friend, and Christian. He led a clean and honest life and put his faith and family before anything else. He would not give into peer pressure even if it meant he might not be viewed as "cool". He was very happy and you rarely saw him without a smile.     

At the early age of 16 Alex began writing his first novel. He was involved in creative writing, theater arts, football and rain or shine he was at Church on youth night. Alex lived a Matthew 5:16  life. “Let your light so Shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

The Newsboys, one of Alex’s favorite Christian bands, wrote a song titled “Shine”. Alex was 6-years-old the first time he heard that song and we knew right then it was a song about Alex. He always had such a sweet disposition and the spirit of Christ filled him. As a small child Alex captivated people, both old and young. We often heard, "there is just something very special about your child." So we use the word “shine” to describe in one word the life that Alex lived.

Alex was preparing to go with his dad and classmates to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales at the end of his senior year, 2009. He was so excited he could hardly stand it. He was already learning the gaelic language. He was extremely proud of his Irish, Scottish heritage. Everyone who knew Alex was well aware of his enthusiasm towards his Celtic roots. Alex had his eyes fixed on college, his trip, and finishing his novel.

God promoted Alex to Heaven Feb. 28, 2008 at just 17 years 4 months and 13 days old.

We knew from the time Alex was a small child that God had a great plan for his life. He never wavered in his judgment between right and wrong, he just stood strong and tall. He led people to Christ while he was with us and after God promoted him several more were saved simply because they wanted to lead a godly life as he had.

Our son’s life was all too brief in our eyes. We cling heavily to the hope our heavenly Father offers – a sacred promise of an eternity with Alex. We are trusting God and we are certain that we will one day be reunited with our son. Until that glorious reunion, it is our greatest desire to carry on the shine legacy for Alex.

Alex’s legacy is very sacred to us . He loved to help others. He was generous in every aspect of his life. The name Alex means "helper of mankind" and he definitely lived up to his name. We wanted to continue that legacy by establishing a scholarship fund in honor and in memory of our son. We are blessed and humbled that Alex led such a life that others would want to help us carry on his legacy. 

It is vital to us that Alex's presence on this earth, however brief it was, be remembered. God chose us to be his parents and for that we are eternally grateful. We are immeasurably rich for having had the privilege of experiencing him. All glory to God for sending us such an angel. We count it all joy.

This short summary of Alex's life does not come close to giving him the credit he deserves, but we pray it gives you just a glimpse of what Alex stood for and why this foundation is so sacred to us. He lived his life well and we don’t believe God intended it to stop at the grave. We have seen our sons life continue to change others. He made a difference while he walked this earthly plane and he continues to make a difference even as he entertains the Angels.


Video Credits:

Through great heartache and a great love for Alex our good friend and neighbor, Dave, sorted through countless pictures and video footage choosing the perfect assortment in hopes of capturing Alex's wonderful personality. In just three short days Dave presented us with this beautiful video. 

 Watching it for the first time we felt an immediate and immeasurable blessing. Dave had indeed captured Alex's personality . So much so that those who had not known him, could feel as if they had. It was and still is a beautiful work.

 I remember thinking, How was he able to do this?

 As we thanked Dave for his kindness he replied, "You are welcome. And I never want to do that again!" He humbly followed with, "It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do."

 Thank you Dave Jagge for this most precious gift. We are forever grateful.

Entertaining Angels by Newsboys. Alex's favorite song