With great pride we introduce our 2008 - 2016 recipients (please click on each picture and hover over it. Their names and college attending/attended  is available at the bottom of their picture. Click the arrows to continue on to the next photo.)

We are proud of  them and proud for them. Their creative talents and outstanding achievements are to be admired. 

We are equally proud of ALL who have donated monetarily or by means of auction items, sponsorship, or door prizes. And we are grateful beyond measure for those who give so generously and selflessly of their time, for we know how precious it is. You are the heart of what we represent. Your kind and generous nature is to be praised. We have to include and acknowledge our awesome committee who honestly has the hardest job. They are a dedicated group of ladies who read or listen to each and every work that is submitted. It is never an easy task but faithfully they gather each year and invest their time deciding our recipients. We are grateful unto eternity for each and every one of you. 

Each of these young adults is so deserving of the funds awarded to them and they are deeply grateful for the support. 

Collectively we glorify our heavenly Father.