Our family has worked so hard the past two years establishing The Alexander John-Cade Pugh Memorial Shine Masters Golf Tournament in West Texas. They are whole-heartedly dedicated to helping us carry on Alex’s shine. In late 2013 my brother-in-law approached my brother about getting involved in our fundraising efforts from a distance. They brainstormed and within days the golf tournament was underway. 

In a short time they hosted a most profitable tournament and helped us substantially with scholarship funds for 2014. As we expressed our gratitude that year they replied, “It’ll be bigger next year!” Although my brother, brother-in-law, or either of my sisters had ever hosted a golf tournament before, it was a huge success and went brilliantly. That in itself is a testament to their diligence and determination. 


In 2014 we were unable to attend the 1st Annual Shine Masters Golf Tournament. This year we were able to attend and we enjoyed every minute of their experience and watched all that goes on behind the scenes. It was very humbling. God placed some very special supporters in our path and they have been a tremendous blessing. My family worked tirelessly yet enjoyed every minute. As they expressed last year, it indeed got bigger! The contributions to this years fund were substantial and we stand in awe of their hard work and efforts. 

Once again our family has set their sights high and they assure us, “It’s only going to get bigger!” We are looking forward to 2016 it's sure to be very exciting. 

Along side Coby, Hayden, and myself stands a mighty army of fiercely loyal, lavishly loving, wildly supportive, rightly giving God all the glory, and always shining family and friends and we are eternally grateful to have them stand with us. 

Color us humble.